What kind of partnerships are available at the moment?

Domain Partner

Do you have an amazing domain that you believe will work lovely with one of our services? This partnership setup is as simple as pointing your DNS to our servers!

Email Partner

Do you have a domain partnership with us or have a Blog registered with one of our domains? You can start provisioning email services to your customers using that sub-domain!

Creative Partner

Are you a graphics designer, copywriter or able to build beautiful templates using our partner plugins? You can register as a creative partner and start servicing your customers on our network!

Technical Partner

Are you an experienced WordPress guru that can solve technical problems, install and configure plugins and themes? Make money maintaining customers' blogs regularly!

Advertising Partner

Are you a print publisher offering advertising services in your publication? We can help you extent your ads lifespan to beyond post-issuance dates as a value added service.

Multi-Tier Business Partner

Do you offer physical services like registrations, clearance, printing, deliveries or any other business usable by online only kind of businesses? Let us help you provide services to our partner network!

As our network expands in various regards, we are always looking out for ways to benefit start-ups and help nurture their growth.

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