The company

The Founding​

Radical Electronic Publish Network Associate Marketing (REPNAM) was founded 2017, in Namibia.

What is REPNAM

REPNAM is by definition of operations, is a site-builder or a Blog-Engine. REPNAM also has a social network aimed at uniting WordPress enthusiast, ranging from novices to experts, to support each other.


What makes REPNAM different from other site-builders, is that it uses an opensource CMS (Proudly Powered by WordPress) and gives the user certain liberties to import their existing blog easily. REPNAM users can use safely selected plugins and themes to enable the desired features on their blog, or request for custom development while still remaining a part and parcel of the network.

Who is REPNAM serving?

REPNAM's current operations are aimed at Southern Africa at the moment, but we are quite capable of providing basic services globally as soon as infrastructural growth can be attained.

What does REPNAM offer?

REPNAM's online services are currently limited to Blogging Service provisioning, Online Marketing, Social Media Management, WordPress Expert Support and Creative Design Services (CDAAS).

What do we want to achieve?


Our mission is to make blogging popular and affordable for newly emerging internet businesses and blog publishers.


REPNAM aims to be the Go-To service provider for start-up online publishing enthusiast in less developed countries.


We believe in fair exchange of value to services; Keeping the end-user enlightened; and equal opportunity to publish information about self.

“open Source is empowerment”

Someone really broke, somewhere.

Our Investors

REPNAM Networks is a relatively new online business, and currently still in the stage of raising funding to better its infrastructure and scope of business.

Our Partners

We have strategic partnerships in place with other start-up or established businesses alike to make REPNAM Networks a symbiotic place for mutual growth. 


REPNAM Networks uses affiliates and associate marketing to resell and provide trial services by other software firms, to freely sandbox test in WordPress before you buy.